The 9 Handhelds to Consider in 2022

Let’s look at nine retro handheld gaming devices currently on the market or coming within the next few months, and which ones will give you the best value for your money.

Devices featured:
Anbernic RG552
PowKiddy X18S
Retroid Pocket 2+
AYN Odin
LG V60
Steam Deck
PS Vita
Nintendo Switch Lite

00:00 introduction
02:09 Anbernic RG552
03:52 PowKiddy X18S
05:14 Retroid Pocket 2+
07:18 AYN Odin
08:56 GPD XP
10:27 LG V60 + GameSir X2
12:08 Valve Steam Deck
13:40 PS Vita
15:34 Nintendo Switch Lite
16:36 price to performance comparison
18:38 summary and conclusion

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