RG351MP Custom Firmware Guide

Wondering what custom firmware options you have available on the RG351MP? Yeah, me too. So let’s look at the four current operating systems you have available, and what that means for this little handheld console.

00:00 introduction
01:14 clean and configured stock firmware
02:18 installing custom firmware
04:43 351ELEC
08:27 The Retro Arena
10:58 ArkOS
15:39 351Droid
17:01 summary and conclusion

Recommended microSD cards

128GB SanDisk Ultra and Samsung EVO Select microSD cards

For the RG351MP, custom firmware developers have found that microSD card brands that usually work well in other devices (PNY, MicroCenter) cause issues with this particular device. So the recommendation is to only use SanDisk or Samsung microSD cards in the RG351MP.

In general, I recommend the cards listed below, in order or preference. The prices fluctuate all the time, so keep an eye out for deals. In general, I would expect to pay $20 for a 128GB card and $30 for a 256GB card. A 128GB card will allow you to load EVERY 8-bit and 16-bit game out there, all of the arcade games that work, and quite a few PS1, Dreamcast, PSP, and Sega CD games (those systems have the largest file sizes). A 256GB card will allow you to store even more of those larger games. The RG351MP can use a separate card for the operating system; for that card, I recommend a 16GB card (usually around $7).

16GB cards: 
SanDisk Ultra  
SanDisk Industrial (more reliable but pricey)

128GB cards:
SanDisk Extreme
Samsung EVO Select
Samsung Pro Endurance (more reliable but pricey)
SanDisk Ultra

256GB cards:
Samsung EVO Select
SanDisk Ultra

Clean and configured stock firmware

Download it here

Added 21 additional themes. Some of them may not be compatible with certain systems, refer to my old RG351P themes guide for instructions on how to modify themes for this particular image. Other configuration updates include:

RetroArch: updated hotkeys, enabled overrides
Game Boy: added LCD ghosting, green color palate, removed LCD grid overlay, set scaling to core provided
Game Boy Color: removed LCD grid overlay, set scaling to core provided
Game Boy Advance: removed LCD grid overlay, set scaling to 3:2
N64: set Parallel as default core, 640×480 resolution, angrylion gfx plugin (adjust as needed)
Dreamcast: set 640×480 resolution
DraStic: reduced auto frameskip to 1 instead of 4 (press L3 to enter menu)
PPSSPP: adjusted scaling to auto scaling, set to 2x resolution with frameskip of 1 (press R3 to enter menu)

RetroArch hotkeys:

SELECT + X (or L3 + R3) = enter RetroArch menu
SELECT + R1 = save state
SELECT + L1 = load state
SELECT + R2 = fast forward (toggle)
SELECT + L2 = rewind (hold), must be turned on in settings
SELECT + Y = show framerate
SELECT + B = reset game


Download the beta version here

Be sure to check out the 351ELEC wiki guide for installation instructions and more helpful tips.

The Retro Arena

Download the latest release here

The Retro Arena and ArkOS are very similar, and TheRA developer recommends using the comprehensive ArkOS wiki page for installation and configuration instructions. Also check out the bottom of the Handheld Corner page for tips specific to TheRA.

Note that the SD2 cards between The Retro Arena and ArkOS are mostly cross-compatible. You may experience some unforeseen issues, but for the most part you can use the same card between the two.

Check out the Tech Toy Tinker Company YouTube channel for more showcases of The Retro Arena firmware.


Download the latest release here (look at the bottom of the page)

Note that ArkOS only releases downloadable builds every once in a while, but online updates are constant. So just download the latest firmware version listed on the frontpage, and then run the UPDATE tool to get the latest version.

Also be sure to check out the RG351MP FAQ section for more tips and tricks.


Download the latest test build here

Be sure to check out the included guide PDF at the link above which will show you how to add the Google Play Store if you want (it’s pretty darn slow).

The 351Droid development team resides in the Retro Handhelds discord server, so for tips and advice I would recommend joining that server. This is the same server that hosts the Retro Game Corps discord space, so you should totally be on there anyway 🙂

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