Anbernic RG351MP — First Impressions and Comparison

Seemingly out of nowhere, the RG351MP (“Metal Pro”) dropped from the sky. This device has the oft-requested 4:3 aspect / 640×480 display but in a horizontal form factor. So is this device getting, or would it be better to grab an older (and cheaper) handheld instead? Let’s find out.

Anbernic official (AliExpress)
Anbernic official (eBay)
Anbernic direct

00:00 introduction
01:30 unboxing and impressions
04:43 bootup and orientation
05:27 weight, screen, size, and sound
10:59 stock firmware experience
13:09 gameplay testing (+ cat break)
14:49 custom firmware and teardown
17:30 summary and conclusion

3 thoughts on “Anbernic RG351MP — First Impressions and Comparison

  1. Hey Russ i got Brutal Doom to play on my RG351p running ArkOS but it won’t open on my RG351mp also running ArkOS. Vanilla Doom works but not Brutal Doom. Any help? Thanks.


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