Guide: Streets of Rage Remake on Retro Handhelds

Last updated: 30NOV2021

Streets of Rage Remake is a beloved game among emulation and homebrew fans. First released in 2011 after eight years of development, this fan-made game mashes together the first three Streets of Rage games and adds in over 100 stages, 15+ playable characters, and an epic soundtrack. Sadly, the game was pulled down from official release at the request of SEGA, but has remained available on various websites over the years.

Porting SoRR to a device is a right of passage for any true retro handheld, so today let’s walk through how to play this game on RK3326 devices running PortMaster. The following devices will work:

Anbernic RG351P (ArkOS final, TheRA, 351ELEC)
Anbernic RG351M (ArkOS final, TheRA, 351ELEC)
Anbernic RG351V (ArkOS, TheRA, 351ELEC)
Anbernic RG351MP (ArkOS, TheRA, 351ELEC)
PowKiddy RGB10 (ArkOS)
GameForce Chi (ArkOS)
RK2020 (ArkOS)
ODROID Go Advance (ArkOS)
ODROID Go Super (The RetroArena, RetroOZ)
PowKiddy RGB10 Max (The Retro Arena, RetroOZ)

Note that the video below will show you how to install the port using specific files. This process has been simplified significantly, and you can now set everything up via PortMaster.

Installation instructions

For this installation, you will need to be running PortMaster on your device. Here is a guide to get it up and running:

  • After you have PortMaster installed, launch the platform and install the Streets of Rage Remake files.
  • Use the google machine to find the v5.2 version of SoRR. The legality of this game is questionable so I cannot provide a direct link, but it is easy to find if you look in a few archives online. Typically the file size will be around 320MB, and either the Windows or Linux/debian versions of the game will work.
  • Once you have the game, extract the following file contents to roms/ports/sorr on the SD card:
    • /mod folder
    • /palettes folder
    • SorR.dat file
  • Once you have moved the files over, eject the SD card and re-insert into your device. Navigate to the Ports section and launch the game.
  • Enjoy the heck out of this little beat-em-up masterpiece.

Important notes from the developer

  • DO NOT DELETE THE EXISTING SAVEGAME FOLDER OR THE SAVEGAME.SOR FILE IN IT! The save game file is what will set the correct controls needed.
  • Do not set the controls to anything but keyboard or the port will not function correctly. Controls will spaz.
  • You can change the assigned keyboard values to a preferred key assignment of your choice using the dpad and action buttons.
  • You can exit the port at anytime by holding the select key for 1 second and pressing start or use the Select key when at the SorR main menu.


– updated guide to accommodate PortMaster

– published guide

8 thoughts on “Guide: Streets of Rage Remake on Retro Handhelds

  1. Hi Russ, this just does not work for me. Multiple restarts of the system and the SoRR folder does not show in the ports folder. The restore performs succesfully apparently but nothing beyond that


  2. Russ you’re letting me relive my childhood and go back to a land of gaming before dlcs and season content ruined gaming!

    I’m using the “351 Elec” emulator since you spoke so highly of it. Any chance there is a way to put SoRR on it? I really don’t want to switch to a new emulator and loose my saved files.

    Anyways, regardless – keep making this content, I love it!


  3. Can anyone give me advice on how to get SORR working on an Anbernic 353v? It has Portmaster installed, but I can’t seem to get it to recognise the game. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.


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