Review: PowKiddy RGB10 Max

After a long delivery delay, the RGB10 Max is finally in my hands. So how does this new device stack up against other, similar options in the retro handheld market?



00:00 introduction
01:12 tech specs
02:40 unboxing and impressions
05:59 stock firmware experience
08:22 comparison with other devices
13:04 more screen impressions
14:36 gameplay (stock firmware)
15:55 EmuELEC firmware
16:42 RetroOZ firmware
20:56 LineageOS (Android) firmware
23:08 summary (likes and dislikes)
26:12 conclusion

8 thoughts on “Review: PowKiddy RGB10 Max

  1. Fantastic – my RGB10 Max got delivered this AM – looking forward to your excellent review 🙂 and then getting her up and running.


  2. Does anyone know how to install Google Play Store App on the Retro Pocket 2 that has Firmwares 8.1?

    Get Outlook for Android



  3. Can’t wait to see if you can squeeze a second speaker and get stereo sound on this.
    Thanks for the review!


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