Quick Guide: Skraper for Retro Handheld Devices

This quick guide will show you how to use the PC app called Skraper to download media (box art and videos) for your ROM collection. This process is specifically for EmulationStation-based systems like the RG351P/M, RG351V, ODROID Go Super, RGB10, and even the Super Console X.

Pertinent links:


4 thoughts on “Quick Guide: Skraper for Retro Handheld Devices

  1. I’m running 351elec 2.0 on my rg351p. I have been scraping on the device with screenscraper using a usb wifi dongle. A majority of my games were showing screenshots and videos, but some were still blank black boxes. I popped my sd card into my pc and followed your video guide to the T. Unfortunately when I reinserted my card all the scraped images and gameplay videos on multiple systems were completely blank. Other systems loaded some of the artwork just fine, but it was not nearly as complete as what I previously had. I had backed up my card just prior to scraping, so I was easily able to resolve the issue. I wonder if removing the /media is causing this to happen on certain emulators?


    1. Solution: 1) Wait for the website to have less traffic. 2) Also check ROM directory pointed to in Skraper. Per default it points to different directories than you would intially setup with Adam image.


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