EmuELEC 4.0 Update – First Impressions

The new EmuELEC 4.0 update is now available, and it works on a number of devices, including the ODROID Go Super and PowKiddy RGB10. So let’s see what this new update is all about.

How to install:

Grab it here (and be sure to unzip it into an .img file)

Insert a new microSD card into your computer.

  • For Win32 Disk Imager (PC), select your EmuELEC .img file by clicking the folder icon under “Image File”, and navigating to wherever you saved and unzipped it. Click the “Write” button, and wait for it to write the image to your new microSD card.
  • For ApplePi-Baker v2 (Mac), select your new microSD card in the “Select Disk(s)” window. Click the “Restore” button and navigate to your backup .img file.

One thought on “EmuELEC 4.0 Update – First Impressions

  1. Hello,
    at first thank you for the many helpful videos. I have a question to this upper topic. I installed the emulec 4.0 succesful and it is very nice. All my ROMs working good only the nds are making small problems. I downloaded and installed Drastic like you did in the video. I also can start my nds ROMs. But it looks not very nice and i dont know how i can go to the settings from Drastic. I want to see only one screen from the nds and not both at the same time. Can you help me? Thank you very much.


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