Deep Dive Comparison: RG351M vs RG351P

The Anbernic RG351 devices are the best retro handheld devices you can buy at around the $100 price range (for now). So which one should you buy — the older, cheaper RG351P, or the new premium RG351M?

Buy your devices here (affiliate links):

AliExpress (cheaper but slower shipping)


One thought on “Deep Dive Comparison: RG351M vs RG351P

  1. To me the choice between the metal and plastic is personal preference. Compared to the original handhelds (which I have collected over my life), I prefer the feel of my RG350M device – I do not own a plastic Anbernic device. I don’t want to baby it. I bought it because it is not plastic, can hold up to a lot more abuse, and keeps my originals in better shape with less wear and tear. If these were the last ever in a line of products or the last items that I would ever buy, I would splurge for the metal/wireless because it would outlast the plastic and the inputs are solid – not to mention that it could be refinished for cheap, thanks to it being made out of aluminum. But, all those scratches create character and additional texture for no-slip grip. For me, the weight difference between plastic and metal items of this size is negligible – sorry, I just don’t notice it.


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