351ELEC v1.0.6 Firmware Update

Last update: 10JAN2021

The 351ELEC custom firmware for Anbernic RG351P was recently released, so here is a video walkthrough to showcase some of its new features. We’ll walk you through how to install the new firmware as well as some tips and tricks that might help along the way.

Some pertinent links from the video:

351ELEC GitHub releases page: On this page you will have the latest proper 351ELEC firmware release, including a full software image (.img.gz file) as well as an update file (.tar). Be sure to upzip the .img.gz file before flashing.

WinSCP: An FTP client for Windows, necessary if you are going to upgrade your firmware using the .tar method.
Forklift: An FTP client for Mac, for the same reason.

Win32 Disk Imager: An image flashing tool for Windows, necessary if you are going to install 351ELEC from scratch onto a new SD card.
ApplePi-Baker v2: An image flashing tool for Mac, for the same reason.

Getting to know 351ELEC wiki page: This page was made by the developer and includes several helpful hints on how to get the most out of this firmware, including button mappings, network access, and more.

OTG adapter and USB WiFi module: Essential accessories if you want to take your device online (hint: you do).

Pico-8 fantasy console: Here’s a link to the Pico-8 website in case you want to try this awesome micro-console yourself.

351ELEC Discord server: If you’re looking for nightly builds, tech support, or if you want to be a tester/contributor, check out this very fun and active Discord server.

4 thoughts on “351ELEC v1.0.6 Firmware Update

  1. My OpenBOR games are running better than the one in your example there – specifically on the audio crackling, although I have a *bunch* of them and I’ve only tested around a dozen (and to be fair, I’ve run across 2 so far that don’t play at all). Which are the ones you tried as I’d like to see if my results are similar on those?


  2. Great update and great video. I wonder if the arkOS developer will be incorporating the same features into his next update. I hope so. I don’t want to keep reflashing my sd card to the currently best system, or setting up two cards.


  3. For some reason the controls do not work on the PS1 emulator. I can exit the running game, and duckstation works (with poor performance). I’m pretty sure i have the right bios files, every other system works fine. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.


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