Still My Favorite $40 Handheld! PowKiddy V90 Black Edition Review

Still My Favorite $40 Handheld!  PowKiddy V90 Black Edition Review

The PowKiddy V90 has a new color, and so let’s take this opportunity to give this device an updated review in the context of 2022 and a more saturated handheld market.

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Updated V90 guide

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Final Review: Anbernic RG351MP

Final Review: Anbernic RG351MP

The Anbernic RG351MP is the latest in a line of RK3326-powered handheld gaming devices. In this video, we’ll take a final look at this console within four different use cases to determine whether the RG351MP is a good fit for you.

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Other devices worth considering:
Anbernic RG351V
PowKiddy RGB10 Max
Anbernic RG351P
Anbernic RG350M
Anbernic RG280V
PowKiddy V90

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PowKiddy V90 Review and Guide

PowKiddy V90 Review and Guide

Last updated: 06AUG2022 (see Changelog for details

I wasn’t expecting much from the PowKiddy V90, but I underestimated it. This little clamshell device was everything I was hoping for in a budget handheld. I’m comfortable saying that this is one of the best sub-$40 handheld devices you can buy, and it makes a great gift to friends and loved ones.

One of my favorite aspects of this device is the fact that it just uses a Nokia phone battery, and it’s easy to access and swap. If you’d like to buy a replacement (or upgraded) battery for the device, the ShenMZ or Taeozi models are recommended.

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