Miyoo Mini v2 Guide

Miyoo Mini v2 Guide

Last updated: 19JUN2022 (see Changelog for details)

There is a new version of the Miyoo Mini available, and so in this video we’ll take a deep-dive review of the differences between the v1 and v2 versions of this tiny little device. Additionally, let’s set up new custom firmware using the latest versions of OnionOS and MiniUI.

If you are looking for the v1 Miyoo Mini Onion guide, you can find it here.

Credit for Onion goes to their wonderful ragtag team of community contributors. They do not have a direct donation set up for the project, but if you are feeling generous, they requested you make a donation with the Mutual Aid Disaster Relief fund in their honor. Credit for MiniUI goes to the always-prolific Shaun Inman.

Buy the Miyoo Mini v2 here

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