Retro Game Emulation on an iPhone

Retro Game Emulation on an iPhone

Last updated: 27JAN2022 (see Changelog for details)

The iPhone can do a lot of things seamlessly, and it’s a very powerful device. But something as simple as running an NES game can be quite challenging. So let’s set up your iPhone as a retro game emulation device — no jailbreaking required.

Like with my previous video about gaming on an iPhone (which covered standalone games, Apple Arcade, and streaming), the Backbone One is an essential component of gaming on iOS. There are other options available, like the Razer Kishi or GameSir X2 BT controller, but the Backbone One is miles better than these options thanks to its ease of use and helpful app integration.

One final note before we get started: emulation on iOS is a moving target. With each new iOS update, some things may get broken, or (very rarely) things might actually improve. My advice is to be patient with new iOS updates, and give the development teams to catch up. I’ll keep this guide updated with the latest developments going forward.

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