Introducing 351Droid for RG351P, RG351M, and RG351V!

Last updated: 04JUL2021

351Droid is an unofficial build of LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11) for Anbernic RG351 devices, and as of today it now has a public testing build. This build supports proper control layout, it resizes the userdata partition on boot, and supports the wifi chips in 351M and 351V. Let’s take a look at how to install this firmware, and its potential for Android-based retro gaming.

Support for this firmware can be found at the Retro Handhelds discord server (you’ll find it in the “Anbernic Devices” section). There you will find tips and tricks, as well as tech support and download links. The latest firmware builds are located in the “Firmware Docs” channel, or you can access the Google Drive link directly here.

Software used in this video:
Win32 Disk Imager (use Balena Etcher if on a Mac) — flashed img files to SD cards
guiformat — formats SD cards and flash drives to FAT32

Tools used in this video:
Anker SD card reader
SanDisk 128GB microSD card
OTG adapter
Logitech K400 keyboard/mouse combo
SanDisk Cruzer Blade flash drive


  • Audio is now working! If you have a 351Droid build with no audio, download and unzip this file, then place it in the BOOT partition of your SD card (replace the dtb file that’s already there). When first starting it up, go into the settings menu and turn the system audio up, otherwise it will initially be very quiet.
  • When using the M64Plus-FZ emulator for Nintendo 64 games, I recommend using the GlideN64-Fast profile for the best performance.
  • In order to properly install RetroArch, I had to copy the APK from my flash drive and move it over to my SD card partition. After that, it installed no problem. Preliminary performance is pretty good — it can play most SNES games at full speed.
  • If you want to test out an Android game, I recommend trying Beach Buggy Racing, since it is relatively lightweight and plays well. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities.
  • If you get a black screen when booting up the firmware, I’ve found that the OS is still running in the background, but there is a display issue. To fix it, tap the power button to put the device to sleep, then tap it again to wake it up — this time with a working display, hopefully.


– published guide
– added updated dtb for working audio
– added notes re: RetroArch, M64Plus-FZ profiles, and Android games

11 thoughts on “Introducing 351Droid for RG351P, RG351M, and RG351V!

  1. Hi, thanks for everything you do. You are exceptional! I tried to install it on my 351m, when I go to connect with the wifi module including the console it crashes. Do you know why? Thank you!


  2. Good in concept, but you can’t do squat with this since you’re trapped on the internal partition which only has a small chunk of your files and even then most APKs with an extended installation just refuse to install – in short you don’t want to use this as your default OS.


    1. I have been trying to make it work for a couple days now. Different versions, various patches, some workarounds and such, it seems to keep crashing at the Social Club screen


  3. I have installed the operating system but it does not start, it only freezes on the start screen and after a few seconds the console shuts down, I installed several times, but I always have the same result.


  4. I installed the 351V variant for my 351V. It boots but stays stuck on the 351Droid boot screen with the little line zipping back and forth underneath. I can reset it with a quick press of the reset button but the same as above happens.
    Does anyone have any advice please? I really want this to work so I can run Mini vMac.
    Thank you in advance.


  5. I have the same problem installing 351Droid on my 351P – it keeps getting stuck on first logo animation. Anyone has any idea why this is?


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