How to fix RG351P internal WiFi antenna audio issues

Last updated: 15DEC2020 (see Changelog for details)

If you ordered a RG351P during the first week it was available (in mid-September 2020), it’s possible your copy shipped with an internal WiFi antenna. Once the devices were in production, Anbernic learned that there was some audio crackling in the speakers when WiFi was enabled. To fix the issue, Anbernic started to ship units without an antenna, which is a shame because the built-in WiFi option is one of my favorite features of the device.

image courtesy of Anbernic Official Flagship Store

As consolation, Anbernic now ships their RG351P units at a reduced price, and with an OTG adapter and USB WiFi adapter. So you can still connect your device to the internet, albeit with a dongle.

But if your unit has an internal WiFi antenna, this video is for you. We’re going to fix the issue with a bit of aluminum foil and electrical tape. In order to open the back of your device, you will need a hex/torx screwdriver. The sizes vary by unit (usually T5 or T6), so your best bet is to buy a set to make sure you get the right one.

Savvy YouTube viewers have pointed out that a) I should have unplugged the battery cable before adding aluminum foil to my device, and b) you can unplug the speaker wire to make the wrap job as bit easier. Enjoy the video, and the hindsight I wish I had while filming 🙂

Instead of aluminum foil and electrical tape, you may have improved results by using proper EMI shielding tape.

Note that in the video I referred to the WiFi antenna cable as a “power cable” by mistake! Also, below is a close-up picture of the WiFi chip that came installed on the device:

The original internal WiFi chip – MediaTek MT7601UN

If you know your way around a soldering iron, you could also potentially dampen signal noise even more by soldering a 0.1uf capacitor to one end of the right speaker connector, as demonstrated in this image.

If your unit does NOT have the internal WiFi antenna you can actually install your own using this guide.


– updated hex/torx information

– added WiFi chip picture

– added Internal WiFi Guide
– added capacitor method

– added suggestion to remove battery and speaker cables
– added WiFi chip information

2 thoughts on “How to fix RG351P internal WiFi antenna audio issues

  1. The shielding did not work for me at all. I have the internal TP Link USB dongle, so maybe that is why. I even tried grounding my cable shield, but alas. I’ll might try the capacitor mod.

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    1. Even the 100 nF capacitor does not help. Still, I can enable/disable wifi from ArkOS, so I’m happy. \

      In recap, this is with the TP-Link TL-WN725N Nano WLAN USB Adapter. I have tried: shielding the cable, shielding the speaker backing, grounding all shielding, adding the 100 nF capacitor (104 ceramic). None work.

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