Retroid Pocket 2 Day 3 — Launchers, Among Us, DS, and more!

Last updated 19SEP2020

So I’ve had a few days with my new Retroid Pocket 2, so here is a quick video to demonstrate some of the things I’ve learned. I still have a ways to go in getting it fully up to speed, but I thought you’d appreciate some of the progress I’ve made.

For starters, I’ve set up a new launcher, named ATV Launcher Pro, which allows you to configure the Android homescreen. The Pro version is $3, but there is a free version that you can test out before taking the plunge. This launcher allows you to easily change wallpapers that you have saved on your SD card (in the “Wallpaper” folder). To download extra wallpapers, check out this repository.

I’ve also learned that you can use an app called Octopus to enable gamepad controls for games that don’t feature gamepad support, like the popular social deduction game Among Us. I haven’t fully configured the Octopus app yet but so far it’s promising. Both apps are free.

I also shelled out $5 for the DraStic emulator, which emulates Nintendo DS games really well. I like this one so much that I’m going to do a dedicated post/video on it soon.

And finally, I figured out how to add games to the Retroid Pocket operating system. To do so, you must place your ROM files in the games/downloads folder on your SD card — NOT the “roms” folder. From there, you simply import them via the “manage external games” function in the Retroid Pocket app settings.

More to come soon, but already I am becoming happier with my Retroid Pocket 2.

One thought on “Retroid Pocket 2 Day 3 — Launchers, Among Us, DS, and more!

  1. Bom.dia.
    Ele emula bem o god of war?
    Ou tem que fazer alguma configuração?
    Estou pensando em comprar um retroid pocket 2


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