Guide: Undertale on Retro Handheld Devices

Guide: Undertale on Retro Handheld Devices

Last updated: 13JUL2022 (see Changelog for details)

Today we’re going to install and play Undertale on RK33265-based retro handheld devices thanks to the PortMaster app. The game can run on the following devices:

Anbernic RG351P (ArkOS final, TheRA, 351ELEC)
Anbernic RG351M (ArkOS final, TheRA, 351ELEC)
Anbernic RG351V (ArkOS, TheRA, 351ELEC)
Anbernic RG351MP (ArkOS, TheRA, 351ELEC)
PowKiddy RGB10 (ArkOS)
GameForce Chi (ArkOS)
RK2020 (ArkOS)
ODROID Go Advance (ArkOS)
ODROID Go Super (The RetroArena, RetroOZ)
PowKiddy RGB10 Max (The Retro Arena, RetroOZ)

The video below is a bit outdated, since it uses the older AnberPorts app and requires you to extract Linux files from a Windows PC. See below for the “simple conversion process” and the PortMaster solution instead.

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