Retroid Pocket 2

The Retroid Pocket 2 is a new Android-based handheld console that was released in September 2020. Early looks of this device have been very promising: high-quality build, excellent internal components (including a quad-core ARM-based CPU), and an operating system that runs Android 6.0 (and all of the available emulators that come with it). The upgraded components and Android/ARM architecture should allow for system emulation not found on other similarly-priced devices, such as Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Sega Dreamcast, and PlayStation Portable.

Read more about the system, and order, through this link.

CPU: A7 Quad-Core @ 1.5GHz
GPU: Mali 400 Mp2 @ 500 MHz
Storage: 8GB onboard, + microSD slot
Battery: 4000 mAh (full charge in 2.5 hours)
Display: 3.5″ IPS 640×480
Network: Bluetooth 4.0, // 2.4GHz WiFi
OS: Android 6.0