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Hey everyone, this is Russ from Retro Game Corps. Started in 2020, but really rooted in the 1980s, my goal on this website is to help you recreate your gaming days of the past.

I grew up through all of the home console generations, starting with an Atari 2600 my Dad borrowed from a friend for a weekend, to the NES we were gifted at Christmas, and so on.

As a teenager, I bought an old Commodore 64 for $20, and I had a blast tinkering with this classic system. I even programmed my own text-based version of Mortal Kombat because I couldn’t wait for the game’s home console release. That experience taught me that the behind-the-scenes world of video games is just as exciting as playing games themselves.

In today’s gaming environment, playing classic games on their original systems is increasingly difficult — fewer TVs and monitors even have the hookups that allow you to plug the systems in, and there are so many mediocre solutions out there. So here at Retro Game Corps we will look at all of the other ways we can enjoy classic games in a safe, legal, and fun manner.