Guide: Celeste on the Anbernic RG552

Finally! A port of Celeste is now available on the Anbernic RG552, the first retro handheld to natively play this little platforming gem.

The installation process is a little trickier than other (PortMaster) solutions, due to the fact that the game requires closed-source libs that cannot be redistributed. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to add them yourself, which we’ll do in this guide.

For best results, make sure you are running the most recent version of AmberELEC or JELOS, and the latest version of PortMaster. This port is limited to the Anbernic RG552 due to RAM requirements that make it impossible for RK3326 devices.

Purchase the version of Celeste

Due to DRM issues, the Steam version of Celeste will not work with this setup. Additionally, the game is not available on GOG, and the Humble version literally just gives you a Steam code (I found this out the hard way, after buying this game for the fourth time across all of my various gaming platforms!). Instead, you will need to get the version. If you have purchased either of these bundles previously, you will already have the game in your library.

Bundle for Ukraine
Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

Once you have purchased the game, you will want to download the Linux version. The file will be named “” and will be 867MB.

Compile the data files

Next, we will need to gather our Celeste Package and some necessary lib files. Note that you will need to have 7zip installed on your computer for this next step, and file extensions will need to be visible.

  • You can grab the Celeste Package here (right-click and select “Save As…”), then save this somewhere on your computer.
  • Extract the Celeste Package, it should have a folder named “celeste” and another file named “”. Place those somewhere handy, like your Desktop.
  • Go to and create a free account. Next, go to this page and download the Linux version of the fmod engine. The file will be named “fmodstudioapi20206linux.tar.gz” and will be 72MB.
  • Right-click on the fmodstudioapi20206linux.tar.gz file and go to 7Zip > Extract Here. This will create a file named “fmodstudioapi20206linux.tar”; now, right-click on THAT file and select 7zip > Extract Here. In the pop-up window you will get an error about creating symlinks, you can ignore it and select “Close”. You will be left with a folder named fmodstudioapi20206linux.
  • Inside that fmod folder, you need to grab these two files:
    • fmodstudioapi20206linux > api > core > lib > arm64 > (1219KB in size)
    • fmodstudioapi20206linux > api > studio > lib > arm64 > (1201KB in size)
  • Back in your “celeste” folder (the one you extracted from the Celeste Package), you should find a folder named “libs”. Inside that folder, place the two libfmod files. Next, change their file extensions from “.13.6” to just “.13”, so that they should look like the following:

Add the Celeste game files

Finally, let’s add the Celeste game files to the appropriate folder.

  • Open your “celeste” folder, then open the “gamedata” folder.
  • Extract the folder that you downloaded from, and place the contents in the gamedata folder
  • Insert the SD2 card from your RG552 (AmberELEC or JELOS), then open the ports folder. Inside, place the “celeste” folder and the file.
  • Eject the SD card and place it into your RG552. Boot the device up, navigate to Ports, and start up Celeste.

Note: if the game fails to boot, or you are not hearing audio, open PortMaster and install the shell files for Timespinner or Owlboy; that seems to be a quick workaround. PortMaster is included in JELOS, but you will need to manually install it if using AmberELEC. Here is their page on it.

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