5 thoughts on “Showcase: ODROID Go Super Firmwares

  1. Hi, I really like this review.

    The question is, why is only batocera good in PSP Emulation and the other firmwares not. Only as an example.
    Is there no knowledge transfer going on?


    1. There is sharing, and the files are open-source, but there are many under-the-hood differences between the firmwares and so I think that there are other things at work besides just the emulator, like display drivers and packages, etc. For example, the RG351 custom firmwares (351ELEC and ArkOS) borrowed from Batocera to improve their PSP gameplay, but they’re still not quite as good as Batocera!

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  2. Hey Russ,

    I understand… I was just a little frustrated that the most important thing (the emulation) is so different in the firmwares. Let’s see what the future brings.


  3. How did you get bezels working in EmuELEC? I have bezel images in the correct locations, but they don’t show up, even the generic system bezels. Any tips or help would be awesome.


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