9 thoughts on “RG350 and RG351 Rubber Pad Removal

    1. Definitely. I thought about it but my issue was that the battery is stuck to the back cover, so I was worried about touching the battery with anything, and I don’t have the tools (i.e. double-sided puffy tape) to be able to re-adhere the battery if I pulled it off). Definitely didn’t think that I’d be going in with baking soda and oil when I started the video rolling, but I had to go with it 🙂


  1. The pads are a nice idea, but they’re not positioned in a way that’s helpful to me at all. I’d like to see a future device where the entire back plate is coated with a thin soft-touch layer, like the lid of a ThinkPad.


  2. Thanks for the tips!
    Like Scott said above, I would remove the back cover before going into the sticky and oily mess.
    As well, I am not sure whether using nail-color-remover is a good idea for plastic ones: acetone is hard on plastics and some of these remover fluids are acetone-based. But maybe I am wrong.
    I would go for your wife’s proposal: oil is a very useful solvent and helps removing these sticky adhesives.


  3. Alright, you remember when I told you that Goo Gone, Goof Off, and WD-40 was a good thing to remove stickers from your SD Card? I didn’t mean for you to remove the rubber grips! If you’ve got problems with the pads, removing them isn’t a good idea!!! Clear silicon adhesive will work with minor damage. A full adhesive removal and replacement only works if you have a neoprene rubber replacement ready. Don’t be insipid!!!


  4. The pads don’t really make it nicer to hold for me, but they do make it much nicer to set down on a table without it sliding all over or scratching up the back. While playing I just don’t really notice them, but I think the cutout area where they used to be would probably become a fidget point for my fingers and get really annoying.


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