351ELEC 2.0 Released: The Ultimate “Plug and Play” Firmware for RG351 Devices

Last Updated: 23FEB2021

When it comes to custom firmware options for the RG351 devices, 351ELEC is a masterclass in curation and user friendliness. While I adore ArkOS for how easy it is to tinker with the device and firmware, 351ELEC is more suited to those who just want to jump into some games without having to do a lot of tweaking.

Lucky for us, 351ELEC 2.0 is now available, and it has hundreds (over 275, to be more precise) of new tweaks under the hood and in the user experience. Check out the video for my full breakdown, and also see the notes below for links to some of the things I mention in the video.



Here are some other guides and links that are referenced in the video above:

351ELEC Wiki page

Handheld Screen Settings for RG351 Devices

PSP Guide for RG351 Devices

Recommended WiFi adapters for RG351P

5 thoughts on “351ELEC 2.0 Released: The Ultimate “Plug and Play” Firmware for RG351 Devices

  1. Any idea why PS1 games show up as a massive list and how to make it just one per disc?
    Example I have about 25 Destruction Derby in the games list but only one disc image for this game.
    It was the same on ArkOs and now on Emuelec so not sure how to fix this.


  2. Keep the files in one folder, and only boot the .cue file. The .bin folders are a section of the game or part of the soundtrack. You need all the files, but the .cue file is the starting point. Twisted Metal 4 is a good example. You’ve got soundtracks that are different for each level, so you have several .bin files. You start the .cue file and it’s going to start each level with it’s proper soundtrack in order. It stems from the British slang for being in line IE “get in the cue!”


  3. If you were to switch from ArkOS to 351ELEC would the game saves still work correctly? I am considering this switch due to this 2.0 update. ArkOS is a great platform but it can be a lot of things to remember when I am just looking for plug n play. TY!


    1. It’s a new flash, so you start from scratch. You can use a second SD card to save a headache, but a fresh flash means that everything is new. I’m currently re-flashing a second card to ArkOS because of some hiccups within the OS version I was using, and it’s really refreshing to have a second chance to perfect my system.


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