Guide: Rewind and Fast Forward on Retro Handheld Devices

In today’s quick guide we’ll show you how to enable and use the rewind and fast-forward functions on a lot of today’s best retro handheld devices. This method will work on any number of RetroArch-capable systems, such as the RG351P (or similar devices like the RGB10, OGA, RK2020), Retroid Pocket 2, and even a hacked PS Vita.

4 thoughts on “Guide: Rewind and Fast Forward on Retro Handheld Devices

  1. Hi Russ,
    Great guide as always. Unfortunately I am not being successful in saving the Rewind feature. I have followed your instructions perfectly but when I exit Retroarch, it saves everything but the Rewind toggle. Do you think this is a bug with version 1.9.4? I really would love to use this feature.
    Keep up the great work!


  2. I cannot get the rewind function to keep on my RG351V. I follow all the steps and save configuration. I go back in to double check. Says turned on and assigned to L2 but after I quit Retroarch and load game. It doesn’t work. Any advice?


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