Deep Dive Comparison: RG350M vs RG351P vs Retroid Pocket 2

I often get asked which system is best to buy right now: the RG350M ($120), RG351P ($95), or the Retroid Pocket 2 ($85 + shipping). The video below will break down all of the aspects I find most important when considering one of these devices: hardware, supported systems, user interface, screen, and performance.

In making this video , I also made a couple infographics which I think will be helpful when wanting to compare features and supported systems. To view in full resolution, right-click and select “Open Image in New Tab”.

Common and unique features of the RG350M, RG351P, and Retroid Pocket 2
Supported systems on the RG350M, RG351P, and Retroid Pocket 2

9 thoughts on “Deep Dive Comparison: RG350M vs RG351P vs Retroid Pocket 2

    1. Yes, I saw that! Right after releasing my video 🙂

      But unfortunately it only runs in the new OpenDingux beta firmware. That’ll be great once the beta is officially released and becomes standard, but for now it’s in a weird limbo state (like the Mario 64 port).


    1. Oh that’s good to know. The developer specifically said he made it for the beta firmware, and then I saw someone say on Discord that it didn’t work for them. I’ll test it and see, thanks for the tip!


  1. Awesome video. You have great production value. I’m looking for 3 pieces of information (Can it play Goldeneye, Wifi, etc.) and it’s easy with your timestamps to find what I need and I like the charts. Thanks. I own both and the Expirmental Pi. I get them all. Okay so I always have trouble with Colecovision. (Yes, I have the BIOS. Ha). On the 351P. I installed 351Elec. I tried Blue MSX for a core no luck. Second question. Where’s a good guide on changing the N64 controls in Retro Arch to match the 351P so I can play Goldeneye the way I want? Im no good with Retroarch. I know Retropie really well but not RA. Side note. My favorite device for PS1 and under is the PSP GO. It hurts the hands after awhile, the hack install is not a newbee procedure but I prefer it. Thanks again for the information.


    1. Hi, for ColecoVision you will want to follow the Libretro doc here. Looks like you need the full Blue MSX “databases” and “machines” folders added to the bios folder, and then make sure you’re loading the correct file types. Hopefully that does the trick, I haven’t tried it myself yet.

      For adjusting the controls for N64, you’ll want to press SELECT + X to get into the RA menu, then go to controls > player 1 controls and then adjust the buttons to your liking. Be sure to go to overrides > save game overrides so that the game will save those new controls.

      I’ve been eyeing a PSP GO for a while, still haven’t bought one!


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